On the Farm
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Quality starts on the farm

Quality starts on the farm, and Golden Macadamias have world class extension managers that assist all its shareholder farmers to comply with Golden Macadamias’ standards. We have developed a system where every quality aspect of each producer is accurately measured, and compared to the rest of the group. In this way farmers can benchmark themselves, but also zone into the specific area where they need to improve. This continues improvement drive has enabled Golden Macadamias to decrease their un-sound, or defected kernel percentage to less than 3 times the industry average. The reduction of kernel defects, like mold and insect damage, is the key to manage quality and food safety.


During the off season farmers spend significant time and energy to keep the orchard floors clean. When the 1st harvest starts there are thus no old defected nuts from the previous season which could potentially get blended into the new seasons good quality nuts. Regular harvesting is critical, since nuts on the floor naturally germinate or develop mold, which affects the taste and texture of the nut. South Africa’s main growing area is the Mpumalanga region where Golden Macadamia is situated. This area has a significant climate advantage due to the cool dry winters, which preserves the nut quality much better compared to other, more tropical regions with a warm wet climate during harvest time.


Fully mature macadamias fall to the ground naturally where it is harvested by machine and hand. At this stage the nut is still protected by a green outer husk. This husk is removed through de-husking, where after all the nuts go through a thorough sorting process, first by hand and then through a water bath. Floating nuts are removed since it is underdeveloped or immature.


Golden Macadamias is located in close proximity to the famous Kruger National Park, and as a result of the conservation efforts in this world heritage site we are passionate about the environment and wildlife preservation. The macadamia industry is a lifeline to many rural communities in South Africa and the expansion of Golden Macadamias is particularly important to create opportunities for future generations in these impoverished regions.


The millennial consumer wants to know exactly what they are eating, where it comes from and feel assured about a purchase decision. More natural, less processed, environmentally friendly products are key to growing our brand. Macadamias fit particularly well into this market trend, since the product is 100% natural and unprocessed by its very definition.